Logistics in Luxury Travel

When we think about logistics we think it is something related to the production and sale of a product and to a process to reduce costs in the various steps of the assembly of the product, but if we consider the word product in more modern way , also a service could be considered as product and it is from this insight that the most imporant luxury hotel chain in the world, Four Season, took his idea.
Thinking about the logistics concepts as the right place and  the right moment Four Season has developed a service of private jets fot its customers by moving these logistics concepts (time and place) from product to people.  We mighe even say that they developed a people  logistics.
To cater for the innovation,  Four Season team has analyzed the needs of its customers and the thing which customers complained most was the uncomfortable and long journeys to reach the hotels around the world.
For this reason the company has therefore developed a service “shuttle” ultra-luxury for its customers that will not have to waste time in long queues at airports, taxis, bother in providing the travel bookings: Four Seasons will do all this and customers will only have to relax from the moment they leave home.
The package offered by the company includes a month of vacation with them by visiting a dozen countries around the world and the only thing customers have to worry about is the itinerary.
The normal tour operators also luxury one provide you organize everything, but still the customers even if in business class will have to make the long lines to airport and submit to the schedules of the flying company.
Four season deleted all this, as it is the only tour operator that can also provide air transport, no other tour operator has his private jet.
Certainly the cost of the package is high but for people who earn much time is money and if we consider that to change at least 10 countries, with every change ,in the airport are lost between chech in and chech out at least 4 hours and with the service of  Four Season only 30 minutes, for 10 shifts in a month would be lost 40 hours, that is, almost 2 days of relaxation while with the system Four Season only seven hours and a half.
If I were rich I prefer to spend this money in order to have a really relaxing vacation. Weren’t you? I prefer to be “delivered” at the place that I want in the shorter time possible !
Why I have to loose 2 days of holiday if I have ony a month a year?

By: Michele Pisacane

Source: Four Seasons


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