“Packaging Grows Green”

This article covers the topic of more environmentally friendly packaging sollutions. I thought this article was interesting because there is an increased demand from both consumers and governments that companies use green solutions, and therefore “Green Packaging” might be an industry that will expand a lot during the next years.

As the article states, there is no perfect option when it comes to green energy. Each type of packaging has its pros and cons, offering different sets of physical properties and ideal applications. The material is obviously one of the most important factor of green packaging and as the article states there are things such as the re-use of product that has to be taken into account when deciding on a sollution.
One of the most interesting aspects I came across in the article was that there is a company called COMPASS, that is an online lifecycle analysis tool that enables you to see the human and environmental impacts of your primary and secondary packaging designs. I think that if more companies would assess their impacts with such tool, there might be raised awareness for how much certain packaging activities are actually effecting the environment. However it seems as if companies often seem to go with non-green solutions because their more profitable than the green ones. I liked the fact that the author of the article addresses this problem stating that: “Eco-friendly qualities are meaningless if the sustainable materials don’t deliver on performance and financial requirements”.  I think that decision takers at companies won’t ever look towards green solutions or green packaging if the financial benefits are a lot less than with the other solutions.

But as the article states there is innovation and packaging companies’ efforts are continuing to evolve, and therefore I believe that in near future companies might have better green options at a lower price.
I think even though some of the green packaging solutions aren’t as cheap as the contrary, there are other benefits of applying green solutions. Some research shows that it can increase customer satisfaction and increase your brand value. I believe the benefits are therefore not only ethical, but they can be financial as well.

By: Sunneva Sverrisdottir

Source: Inbound Logistics


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