NASSTRAC Shipper of the Year: Best Buy meets the multi-channel* challenge


This article talks about Best Buy (an American multinational consumer electronics corporation which operates in the United States, Mexico, and Canada) and his new approach to the supply chain. This firm had lots of transportation costs two years ago until they changed their logistics strategy and, simultaneously, remodeled some of their 1,000 retail locations to offer smaller shopping environments with a “cleaner” look.

One of this set of changes was to have ”local” warehouses near them, and store the items in advance of sale date. This allows Best Buy reduce their transportation expenses and provide more flexibility to the store.

I recommend this article because it’s very interesting and also you can find issues covered in class. Actually, it starts like this: “As logistics professionals know, there’s more to the supply chain than simply moving product. An innovative supply chain not only connects retailers to manufacturers and customers, but it can offer ancillary benefits including improved inventory control, lower costs, and even cleaner stores.”



Link other interesting article:

By: Judit Cabrera


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