Logistics planning during natural disasters

After our guest lecturers from Doctors Without Borders, I was inspired to search more beyond the topic of logistics and operating in underdeveloped countries and emergency situations and I discovered a very good article that provides logistics tips in case of natural disasters.

I find this topic to be a very relevant one, because regardless of the human development, natural disasters are in most cases unavoidable and that’s why it’s of high importance to know how to apply the best logistics processes in order to overcome high costs and at the same time preserve thousands of human lives.

The authors mention that the key actions that need to be undertaken for a company’s supply chain in these situations are the following:

  1. Ensure total visibility
  2. Designate a point person
  3. Look for partners
  4. Remain flexible

I recommend taking a look at this article, because it gives a general idea of what any company could do in cases of emergency and emphasizes the main action points. I personally believe these pieces of advice could be taken into consideration not only in cases of already happening natural disasters, but also as an efficient measure of safety beforehand.

By: Liliana Barbaneagra

Source: Inbound Logistics


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