How TriMas centralized freight and boosted profits

The winner of the NASSTRAC Shipper of the Year Award is Candace Holowicki, the director of global transportation and logistics at TriMas Corporation. Her implementation of her companywide logistics strategy stands perfectly in line with flawless logistics management. Before her interference the company’s had nine uncoordinated strategic business units which operated autonomously.

“It was completely fragmented,” says Holowicki. “Nobody was adhering to any formal set of programs, and everybody was doing what they thought was best for their own location.”

Holowicki improved TriMas shipping performance through shared tools, such as outsourced freight bill audit & payment and a clear transportation management system. She created a centralized logistics strategy based on best practices that have been rolled out across the business units.

First, her work has not only helped to reduce freight spend as a percentage of sales by 2.4 percent annually, but it also highlights the power that a smart, centralized logistics management approach can bring to a highly-diversified organization, in this case leveling the process across nine business units.

By: Milan Klaver

Source: Logistics Management


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