Black Friday Effect

This Friday November 27th is the well known Black Friday, the American tradition that has been increasingly popular in the UK and among Europe. It is expected that this year sales in both brick&mortar and online stores are going to break a new record.

The rapid increase in demand created by sales events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday can generate large amounts of profits for stores but at the same time, cause big trouble on unprepared supply chains. When getting to these kind of events, as it is stated in the article, marketing, production and logistics teams should work closely together to make sure their operation can handle increased demand, especially on these dates as Christmas period is getting closer.

The increased complexity of omni-channel retail has made the supply chain more challenging in these occasions, but at the same time presents an opportunity for well-prepared operations and flexible retailers.

It is interesting to think about what an international sales event like Black Friday may represent to a company in both positive economic impact and complexity to fulfil demand through operations.

By: Pol Ribera & Arnau Casellas
Referenced by: A1 Retail Magazine


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