Big Data

Nowadays, Big Data and its applications are becoming more important. That is due to the increment on data generation and storage in recent years. This situation becomes a challenge when huge amounts of data are processed to extract knowledge.

I’ve checked on Internet some real examples in which Big Data analytics tools can be really important for example for discovering health diseases.

Specifying more, analysing Twitter messages we can discover different clusters in which scientifics can distinguish the correlation of using Twitter and the obesity in United States for example.

Also, Twitter could be really useful for example in earthquakes. In USA Twitter searched an increase in the volume of messages of “earthquake”. These messages could locate earthquakes with 90% of accuracy.

In this case, data was used for a positive purpose, which was discovering diseases or earthquakes. However, a report of McKinsey & Co. showed that large companies are storing about 200 terabytes of our consumer lives. They are storing all our likes or dislikes that we click on Facebook or even all the tweets in which we spoke about a brand. This is an important source of data for academic researchers. Nevertheless, what about our privacy? It’s true that we all accept the conditions of these social pages without reading it. But is it ethical to use it? Or do we should allow it because it have research purposes?

By: Marta Muela García
Referenced by: Business Analytics Research Group UPF, Forbes and ABC


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