Army Logistics

One of the logistics aspects that captured my attention was the way logistics are applied to army processes. Since the army has to deal on a daily basis with complex logistics procedures and since a great number of people and institutions are linked with them, this represents a highly actual issue nowadays.

A very insightful article on this topic describes a brief history of army logistics in the US and how it evolved and shifted from mass to velocity – meaning that it shifted from keeping a huge quantity of supplies (such as extra vehicles, fuel tanks, munition, etc.) to velocity management (perceiving logistics as a set of interconnected steps in order to augment the levels of performance in terms of time quality and cost).

I would recommend taking a look at this article, as although it talks about an unusual topic in logistics, it emphasizes the importance and the universality of this area, at the same time providing very valuable insights on how to improve effectiveness and efficiency by shifting to velocity management and how this new approach could be used as a strategic asset.

By: Liliana Barbaneagra

Source: Rand


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