Supply Chain & Logistics Technology: 8 reasons every shipper needs a TMS

Specialists in the department of Logistics have proven that having a good Transportation Management System (TMS) is a key for every shipper and can be a competitive advantage among the rest of the companies. The article mentions 8 reasons, I selected some of them:

-TMS increases the return on investment (ROI).

-Helps shippers to work better in the omni-channel environment (specially e-commerce field), optimizing routes and modes.

-TMS allows getting a better picture of driver availability and carrier capacity, improving the decisions referred to vehicle routing.

-It can serve as a valuable data repository, as the users could have access to the dashboards, reports, and other measurements that enable good decision making and cost savings.

-TMS enables a more proactive approach to supply chain management.

By: Divya Shewani

Source: Logistics Management


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