Minus 5 billion, and then?

In the eighteenth century, Benjamin Franklin postmaster exercised efficiently. The postal service then had benefits and revolutionized the industry with new methods and activities implemented. Now the emergence of a new Benjamin Franklin was asked, it is that a few days ago, we reported a net loss of $ 5.1 billion in fiscal 2015.

Constant innovation and improvement of methods and technology sidesteps the traditional method of sending letters, or the postal service. The new social networks, new channels, email, etc. They have made over the last decade that we knew as traditional card has been lost and not there along the way, but in volume.

On the positive side, the great boom of online shopping with direct home delivery, makes an extra service. That is, a function or task that was previously developed, is now basic and irreplaceable in the postal service, and all thanks to advances in new technologies. Such as Amazon company.

Also in New York, the USPS delivery fresh fish market to many restaurants in the Big Apple.

The problem is really in the political barrier that appears. Many Americans still believe that postal privatization is the best solution to end the economic deficit that lead and that each year makes them less possible to control and clean up. It seems that Congress did not “want to” do their part for this improvement could offer more or better service.

It seems contradictory that because of new technologies sending letters volume is lost and therefore no shortfall. But on the other hand, thanks to new technologies and new online services that increasingly, companies offer, it has been “created” a delivery service product door to door, which is collecting the product in the selling company and take it home buyer.

Logistics depends, and much, the technological level that there is at that moment.

By: Jordi Pla
Referenced by: The Economist


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