Crown publishes new sustainability report

Sustainability as well as Corporate Social Responsibility are trending topics now. All big multinationals are adopting some CSR practices for very different reasons such as gain reputation, avoid external regulations, because of philanthropic reasons… However, practicing CSR has some repercussions in the business models and also it implies a logistics department taking care of it. For example, TOMS shoes say in their slogans that they give one pair of shoes to children in need for each pair of shoes you buy. We have to take into account that giving this pair of shoes to children in need of course will need the help of logistics.

In the article it is explained how CROWN collaborates with suppliers to improve the supply chain through optimized logistics that increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, thus being environmentally friendly. They say they are trying to be more sustainable not just for the good of the company but also for the planet and the society, contributing to health, prosperity and sustainability of future generations.

From my point of view, CSR is a very controversial topic and it is very difficult to know whether companies do so to be altruistic or to avoid some external regulations, be punished, or gain a bad reputation. However, it is for the common good that they practice CSR, as did in an adequate manner and with a good logistic system behind can make everyone gain.

By: Mireia Sanchez

Source: Logistics Business


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