Amazon drones: nine ways it could go horribly wrong

One of the most relevant topics in terms of last mile delivery is the use of high technology drones. The article I’m referring to mentions that Amazon is testing delivering packages using drones that could deliver packages weighing up to five pounds (2.3 kg), which represents roughly 86 per cent of packages Amazon delivers.

However it is a highly controversial transportation method and as it is relatively new, regulation seems that is going to be tough. What is more the use of drones for delivering may lead to other problems such as hacking, airspace restrictions or package falls from the sky. The article describes 9 different ways the new Amazon delivery technology could go wrong.

It is clear evidence that the use of drones for last mile delivering would be a great advance in terms of reducing transportation time and costs. It would be easier for companies to deliver on time and at the right place and it would be profitable for consumers too as they would get their product faster. Anyway it needs to be well regulated and terms of service need to be well defined, otherwise the use of drones may lead to many uncontrollable situations.

By: Arnau Casellas Erra

Source: The Telegraph


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