The automotive industry highlights the capacity of Barcelona airport for special air cargo operations

This article highlights the potential of Barcelona airport to the automotive industry and special operations. They emphasizes it competitiveness is due to its location close to European and Mediterranean markets and has facilities and human resources able to absorb this type of operation. Why has the industry chosen this type of transport? Because they are operations with large, heavy loads that must be moved from short periods of time, deliveries are occasional but vital, goods have great value and security requirements.

Moreover, it talks about the others industries that use air transportation for their merchandises and the main leading origins and destinations.

Finally, I would like to remind the advantages and disadvantages of air transportation:

Advantages: rapidity and international movements, high flexibility and competitive for products with high value and low volume.

Disadvantages: delay (paperwork and airport congestion) and high cost per volume.
After all, this type of transportation is growing due to increase of costumers’ exigency. As we know, we want the products as early as possible…Therefore, my recommendation to companies is if they satisfy the conditions, try to develop and improve their supply chain using that transportation unless the main problem would be the few efficiency and capacity of Spanish airports…For this reason, I encourage government to invest in that profitable system.

By: Anabel Ramos
Referenced by: Barcelona Logisitc


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