Ocean Spray: Tastes Good, Good for you and the Environment


This article is an interesting case study about Ocean Spray and its willing to improve their company reducing cost in a sustainable way by cutting in the carbon emissions. Usually companies look at commercial buildings but in this case the purpose of Ocean Spray is to improve their logistics carbon emission cost.

To push companies in this way, the US government has launched a program named Climate Corps which send a (top) MBA student inside the company to find solutions from a new point of view.

This specific case study is interesting because it tells us how Éric Chappell (student) collaborated with Ocean Spray managers to reduce cost by improving the environmental impact of the company. How he could point the problems in the logistics, for example about how “he  identified  frequency  and  size  of  orders  as  drivers  of  excess energy  demands. ” with a Canadian client and then has been able to propose solutions.

The results of this collaboration is very positive and has encourages the lead managers to keep looking at new improvements that needs to be done.

Link: http://www.inboundlogistics.com/cms/article/ocean-spray-tastes-good-good-for-you-and-the-environment/ :

By: Flora Le Gal


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