One of the problems in India is that manufacturing is low in its GDP (a 16 per cent of GDP) compared to other emerging economies such as Brazil, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. Among other things India needs logistics to grow.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a campaign called “Make in India” with the objective of promoting local manufacturing and attracting foreign investment. He thinks that e-commerce can help them reach its objective and Business-to-consumer (B2C) could be the key. This plan is especially focused in small and medium enterprises because they can use the distribution and supply chain of e-commerce to communicate to the domestic and global markets.
B2C allows them not having to spend money on marketing and distribution. The model will facilitate e-commerce companies to sell directly to consumers. This will minimize risks for the manufacturer and allowing to create a competitive price for both parts, the manufacturer and the consumer.
In conclusion, I can say that e-commerce and its B2C system are a great opportunity for places like India to be more competitive and increase its manufacturing.

By: Aura Casaponsa Montasell
Referenced by: Ibere Studios



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