The BEST Terminal obtains the OEA Certificate

After the speech of Santiago Garcia Milà, about the Port of Barcelona, I think it would be interesting to know a bit more of this structure.

In the following video we will see with more detail the characteristics of the port of Barcelona and all its advantages either in terms of logistics, connectivity and efficiency over other ports.

I found interesting to talk a little more closely about the BEST Terminal (Barcelona Europe South Terminal) as recently in July 2015, it has obtained the AEO certificate, which I’ll talk about later.

BEST: Barcelona Europe South Terminal

In December 2005 the Port Authority of Barcelona announces a tender for the construction and operation of the new container terminal at Muelle el Prat, in the area of expansion of the Port of Barcelona.

The Hutchison Port Holdings Group and the Mestre Group decided to submit a joint offer that combined the experience of the leading group container terminals worldwide, with the local tradition and extensive experience in port operations at the Port of Barcelona.

One year later, in May 2006, the Port Authority of Barcelona missed the contest awarding the tender to the bid submitted jointly by HPH and the Mestre Group, which from 2011 was composed only by HPH.

During the project, the combination and integration of experience in the management of container terminals, with the implementation of the latest technology available, has led to a qualitative and quantitative leap in the design of container terminals.

In mid 2012 the new semi-automated terminal Barcelona Europe South Terminal (BEST) began with the first operational tests. Thanks to the hard efforts, commitment and good work of BEST and HPH Group, and the collaboration and involvement of different companies that participated in the project, the BEST terminal could be officially opened on September 27, 2012.

Since the launch of the terminal, the results have exceeded expectations and standards on which its design was based, making BEST in a reference terminal worldwide. Therefore the proper functioning of the terminal as the recognition that has among its clients and users, the HPH Group maintains the commitment and confidence for its development, and has decided to start a new phase of enlargement.

Barcelona Europe South Terminal (BEST) is the first semi-automatic terminal containers developed by the world’s leading investment, development and port operations group, Hutchison Port Holdings, HPH.

BEST has implemented the latest technologies, becoming one of the most modern terminals in Southern Europe. This has been possible thanks to nGen system (Next Generation Terminal Management System for semi-automatic terminal), developed jointly by teams BEST and HPH that achieves high productivity, especially in the reception of ships holder containers larger.

The terminal has one of the most modern management systems of gates of Europe, and one of the largest railway terminals inside a maritime terminal, connecting daily BEST with different points of Spain and Southern Europe.

After some years of hard and efficient work, the Port of Barcelona get’s an award from the customs authorities, the AEO Certificate.

AEO Certificate is a recognition given by the customs authorities, which can be accessed by any operator involved in the international trade supply chain involving the customs authorities.

The logistics chain of transactions in international trade is composed of:

Manufacturer – Exporter – Shipper – Storer – Agent – Carrier – Importer

Even though this is a voluntary recognition, any company that aims the status of AEO will need that the previous and subsequent in the logistics chain have the same status.

The main advantages of being AEO and hold the AEO certificate are:

– Fewer physical and document checks.

– Priority controls.

– Possibility to choose the place of inspection (centralized clearance).

– Easier to benefit from simplified customs procedures.

– Summary declarations with reduced input and output data.

– Prior notification of physical control.

– Reduction of VAT guarantees.

Other benefits include easier access to customs and trust in the international market, since it is strengthening the figure within the World Customs Organization to unify the regime in the international trade and mutual recognition by agreements that are already signed.

By: Nil Puigmacia
Referenced by: Elvigia


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