Telemedicine, Aid Logistics

After a natural disaster, a tsunami, an earthquake or tornado strikes, the priority is to help the survivors and provide the required medical aid.

Unfortunately, the mobilization of the medical equipment, hospital like shelters or even doctors can be sometimes slow or even complicated because of the dimension of devastation or geographical situation of the survivors.

Telemedicine is an important medical aid logistics instrument to be used in times of disasters and can be an option in cases of big natural disasters and for minor injuries. It is a medical service provided via Internet connections to the remote areas of disastrous area. It works as a mobile hospital where with the aid of solar batteries, the specialized high resolution webcams and even the digital stethoscopes, the doctors another side of the world, after hearing the heart and lungs’ sounds, are able to make precise diagnosis of the patients. The digital autoscopes (ear infections), digital ultrasound are also conducted live at real time.

This high quality technology was used for typhoon Haiyan (Philippines) relief operations.

By: Aurelija Gudauskaite
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One thought on “Telemedicine, Aid Logistics

  1. Marta Muela García says:

    This article draw my attention because I find it very interesting the way in which technology can help in humanitarian logistics. However, I think that we can not always use telemedicine because this innovative system needs good infrastructures or equipment for videoconferencing for working properly. So, imagine now that we were in a country in which there are no good communications satellite or Internet or either they do not have sufficient infrastructure, it would be very difficult or even impossible to use telemedicine.
    Therefore, in cases where affected countries do not have any of these things, do you think that we could use other technology to improve humanitarian logistics?

    By: Marta Muela


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