Measureing the Value of Warehouse Data

This article is written by Tadeusz Dyduch, who is a Senior product manager at priso (Company that offers manufacturing operations management). I thought this article was intersting and very related to the topics we’ve been discussing in class and very closely related to our guest lectures from last week.

In the article Dyduch emphasizes of the importance of using data, and says that it is imperative for businesses to adapt quickly to changing conditions. In the article he states that in order to gain the best possible visibility and integration, people need to share the same data and have access to it quickly.
He also states that having the ability to analyze big data can accelerate business transformation, and it should be used to automate companie’s business process.
This is very closely linked to the guest lecturer’s we had last week in Business Logistics class, where they stated the importance of the analysis of data for companies in order to adapt. It seems like big data is today playing a huge role in the logistics industry, but what I feel is also interesting to see is that its not only improtant having the data, but also knowing how to utilize it and apply it to a companies operations.
Dyduch also states that the technology and data used has to be adjusted with the pace of business change. I really agree with this statement, to take an example; a company should not introduce an e-commerce solution that is so futuristic and advanced that the consumers won’t use it. If the company is way ahead of the consumer, they might reject the sollution.
I think this article gives a very good insight into the importance of data for logistics businesses.

By: Sunneva Sverrisdóttir
Referenced by: Inbound Logistics


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