Is Virtual Reality Coming to the Supply Chain?

Virtual reality is now being considered for many companies to be applied on the supply chain operations, since it allows manufacturers to design and architect in 3-D, evaluate designs and take decisions about new products and customer buying decisions.

Some of the many benefits it has, are achieveing full supply chain integration from design, manufacturing, supplier management, distribution, customer delivery and installation and also improve velocity, quality and simplification in the order fulfillment cycle.

So, this is another example how the technology is helping nowadays many companies to make their logistics operations more eficcient and easy. Actually, this invention is quite new and is not implemented in many sites, as is a deep funk invention in the logistics business and its way to work. We really believe it will be succesfull, and by the time many big logistics enterprises will add in its sistem to be more competitive.

Moreover, this involves a lot the costumer as they are able to make design changes and visualize their changes and pricing in real time via an iPad, laptop, or other technology. So it increase their satisfaction by getting more implicate on their purchases than before. This is a really imporatant point, because more and more the market trend is clearly going to a more personalized sales process.

By: Berta Ambròs
Referenced by: MH&L News


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