DHL contributing to the environment

We all know that taking care of the environment and trying to reduce the pollution is a big issue nowadays. For this reason, companies have to develop new methods and systems in order to reduce the impact of their footprint.

DHL is a transport company leader in logistics sector, operating basically by air and sea. The company is involved in a project called “Go Green” to minimize the more deleterious impact of their business in the environment which is CO2.

Is one of these companies that have tried to contribute and have developed a platform. DHL Global Forwarding, freight specialist within the DHL group, has developed a new functionality on their web platform that enables their customers to calculate the CO2 footprint of their shipments.

This is also beneficial for the company as they obtain emission data and can include it on their reports and achieve maximum transparency.

The platform has no cost and it’s available in 14 languages, so customers can use it and be aware of the amount of CO2 their delivery will cause. So, they can set some individual goals in order to reduce the emissions.

By: Èlia Esmandia, Berta Ambròs, Zlatka Hristova and Flors Fumàs

Referenced by: DHL press


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