Big Data, big step or big stop?

Here is a real example of the implementation of Big Data in a company. As we have announced this week attended by Enric Parera, who came to impart a lecture about it.

Opinions are different, as there are professionals and experts who aren’t in favor of the introduction of Big Data because there are companies that are not willing to think big. That is, they are already satisfied with their resources, infrastructure, development and operations of these companies, etc.

Sometimes risk is expensive. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. These design studios of the network can, according to him, reducing the costs of the supply chain up to 15%. And we can solve problems that 10 years ago we could not bring a solution.

This case shows this story explains the big ego of directors, and that one of the main barriers to not implement the Big Data, and a priori, improve efficiency, was following the company policy.

We believe that today, whatever arises, is to evolve. By this we mean that the Big Data evolves more than back away, creates more benefits than losses, allows more than restricts, helps more than it stands, etc.

We have tried to pick up the advantages and disadvantages of Big Data, for more objectiva news, and not so subjective. And then, that each draw their conclusions.

Advantages Disadvantages
 ·       Allow to discover the needs and areas for improvement in the company.

·       You can substantially improve decision making

·       It enables companies to evaluate their products

·       Segmentation of customers to customize actions.

·       Improving the accessibility and flow of information within the company

 ·       Plausible risk of error

·       Those who have decided that your company take the step towards more ambitious objectives, often minimize the risk of representing the movement.

·       Ambiguity

·       Passive attitude

·       Capacity and equipment

By: Xavier Bruch, Mateu Caldentey and Jordi Pla
Referenced by: Fortune


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