Air-Travel Frustrations

Every frequent flyer complains sometimes about their flight experience. If it isn’t a delay of the flight then it is probably about the long queues for customs. An Oliver Wyman (international management consulting firm) survey of 450 worldwide frequent flyers gave us a look at the most frequent frustrations of air traveling. The results weren’t surprising, most frustrations occur before and after the flight. As maybe already expected, flight delays are the main customer frustration with a percentage of more than 40%. These problems of long ques and delayed flights have already been there for a long time. So how come that this is still a problem nowadays? Many airlines tried to solve these issues by creating privileges for the ‘top customers’. This doesn’t solve the main issue but only increases the convenience of the travelers. Still the privileged customers are unsatisfied by the way the airline address their problems. The main issue is that air travelling is a big time waster with a lot of undesired uncertainties. Solving this main issue which will lead to greater brand loyalty and positive word of mouth references. Satisfied customers are most likely to stick with the same airline for their next flights. Only one satisfied customer can potentially even reach out to hundreds of other customers, through the internet or even just word to mouth. Therefore every airline in the supply chain of air travel should focus mainly on increasing their customer satisfaction and maybe even more important, reducing customer frustration. First the problems should be identified, therefore it is important to observe the customers and take their complaints seriously. Only after the problems are identified, you can start thinking of the solutions to the problems. This article reminds me of our first guest lecture from Business Logistics. The professor was talking about the importance of constant observation, innovation and improvement. He also mentioned the inefficiency on airports and how easily it could be improved. With his own observation with only a stopwatch and some simple calculations, he showed us that a multiple line system could increase efficiency already by a significant percentage. In order to be the leader in the industry you should create what people want before they even know it themselves (think about Apple & Toyota). In the air travel industry it is the same, come up with an innovative solution and success will follow.

By: Milan Klaver
Referenced by: Forbes


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