Shipping mistakes

When we talk about logistics, we tend to think that logistics takes always the right decision. However, this is not true. For example, when companies make deliveries to customers, they can make some errors such as loosing the client package.

That is why I wanted to search which were the most common shipping mistakes and if we can avoid them.

The first mistake is the improper packaging. If we don’t do it properly, the package can be damage and the item inside can arrive to the final customer broken. Another mistake is the inaccurate shipment weight. Some companies that cannot weigh the cargo can estimate incorrect weights and company could lose a lot of money on that. We can also find another common mistake which is writing and incorrect address of the customer, so the package never arrives to its final destination.

Some of these mistakes we can try to avoid them. For example, to avoid improper packaging we could try to eliminate unnecessary costs and limit liability. An expert on packaging could help us a lot. To avoid another mistake like the inaccurate shipment weight, we could purchase a machine that weight packages in their proper scale instead of making estimations.

In conclusion, shipment failures may end up being disastrous for companies, because they could lose a lot of money.

After, reading the article, could you find other solutions to avoid shipping mistakes?

By: Marta Muela García

Source: Inbound Logistics


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