Puerto Seco de Madrid (Madrid Dry Port)

The Dry Port of the Community of Madrid is located in Coslada and turns the city into a strategic point. The majority of operating companies that transport important commodities have branch offices in Coslada and due to its proximity to the Airport of Barajas, it makes its location even more attractive.

But what exactly a dry port is? A dry port is an intermodal freight terminal located inside of a country or economic region that connects through the rail network, with the seaport of origin or destination of traffic. Hence they handle port traffic in an inner region (hinterland). But not only must the Dry Port connect through the railway to the seaport. Intermodality is one of the characteristics of a Dry Port as it combines different modes or forms of transport in order to make more agile, flexible, reliable and efficient transport of goods.


The Dry Port of Madrid is an intermodal platform, combining rail, sea and road transport. The Dry Port of Madrid is part of a chain of transport, and an intermodal chain uses the best means of transport for each of its stages, achieving efficiency in the flow of goods.

So we could define that no matter how the commodities arrive to the seaport, via railway or road, what really characterize a seaport is its containers, which allow them to do so.

The vehicle that has allowed inter-modal transport chains and consequently a dramatic growth in international traffic of goods is the container. The use of container has been imposed in inter-modal transport chains as it facilitates handling, mechanization of processes while minimizing losses and damage to cargo.

This growing importance of container traffic in both the maritime traffic and the land traffic, leads the specialization and development of terminals specifically designed to treat this type of goods.

In the following video we can see how they load the containers (cargo) on the train:

By: Josep Massana

Bibliography: Puerto SecoWikipedia (Puerto Seco)Wikipedia (Coslada)


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