Big Data, Current Situation and Future Perspectives

Those who advocate innovation and change towards optimizing business management, have no doubt that the future lies in implementing the use of Big Data in making business decisions.

Must be understood that the use of Big Data goes beyond the technical field, the benefits to be gained are applicable in many fields, such as prediction and analysis of the structure and changes in demand or application of this information in the design of products.

Although it has been proven that an increase in not only the effectiveness of decision-making, but also in the ability to take them fast is affected, it seems that this does not convince a sector of the business world reluctant to trust its implementation.

While large companies tend take shelter in stagnation, avoiding any change that could push them out of their comfort zone, small companies gain a competitive advantage through the implementation of this analytical tool, forcing the competition to adapt to this change and to follow the technological flow.

As the report “Internet Industry Insight for 2015” of Accenture and GE notes, only 29% of companies surveyed use Big Data for prediction and optimization of the company, the majority (65%) only applies it to corporate control.

But it seems that the future will bring changes. Everything points to the fact that investment in Big Data seems to be growing, according to a survey by Gartner (an information technology research and advisory company) 75% of companies are considering investing in Big Data, or are already doing it, in the next 2 years.

References: AccentureGartner

By: Adrià Torreño Aguilar


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