DHL: a green logistics company

Transport is one of the key activities in logistics and this implies high levels of carbon dioxide emissions by the logistics companies which spend all days moving products from one place to another. For this reason, GFA, an industry platform established in 2013 in Singapore, award those companies which make fuel-efficient vehicles and have eco-drivers.
The global logistics firm DHL, which recognize the importance of growing in an ecological way, received a green certification by GFA for its sustainable road transport operations in Singapore. They are training their workers to drive smarter in the city in order to get lowers levels of pollution. DHL was qualified for the “Two-Leaf” label which means they adopted at least two fuel-efficient or carbon dioxide emissions reduction technologies and at least a half of its drivers have to be “eco-drivers”. Eco- driving means educate drivers to have the skills and the techniques required to drive reducing greenhouse gas emissions, save on fuel cost and improve comfort and safety.
DHL also launched his GoGreen program in 2008 which consists in setting a quantifiable carbon efficiency target in its business operations and is trying to reduce more his overall carbon emission by 18 per cent.


By: Aura Casaponsa Montasell

Source: Eco-business


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