No Fly Zone: An Airospace only for drone operations

business logistics

While waiting to get Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) permits to start the service delivery by drones, Amazon is trying to define its ambitious project ever more detailed. During a convention held Ames Research Center (Arc) of NASA, the vice president of Gur Kimchi he presented a document to govern the flight of robotic bellboys, which describes a range of 200 to 400 feet height (between 61 and 122 meters) for the exclusive use of drones autonomous and capable of traveling at a speed of at least 60 knots (about 111 mph). In practice it would be a fast “motorway” for transporting goods, where the trucks are drones (not necessarily only owned by Amazon). These robots are equipped with GPS system, Internet connection, anti crash sensors and a predetermined flight plan to reach their destination with maximum safety.
The proposal also includes a No Fly Zone between 400 and 500 feet (152 meters), to serve as a buffer with the airspace used by conventional aircraft; deliveries and short-range drone slower instead will only occur at lower altitudes (below 400 feet). Maybe this purpose for the majority of the people could be scared, noweveryone thinksthat it is dangerous, andthe questions thatpeople askcanbe a lot: is not dangerous to walk along the street whit this robot above our head? What could happen ifthese robotscollide inflight? Could they murder someone crashing on the floor?

Well for most of this questions the answers are easy and the engineers are working on: for example they are studying a way to create wings not too hard in case of hitting someone or something; are trying to lighten the overall weight so the drone in this way is less dangerous and became more difficult to hit someone hard enough to make him very ill. Perhaps the only problem is the narrow-mindedness of the people in such drastic changes, but I am convinced that this is the road tothe future!

By: Michele Pisacane



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