GENCO: the pioneer of reverse logistics

Reverse logistics is new and important trend related with logistics. It consists of reusing products or materials.

Some companies have take advantage of it. There are a lot of reasons to apply the reverse logistics, like corporate responsibility, legal obligations or the simple fact of reutilization.

But there is another issue that companies worry about, the returns of their customers. How to manage and optimize the process of recovery and clearing space of inventory?

GENCO is one of the companies that had provide an efficient solution to this problem. Today we are going to talk about it.

This company is known as the forefather of reverse logistics and nowadays is a leader in Product Lifecycle Logistics Solutions. They help their customers to process a lot of returns every year.

The article that we have found talks about customer dissatisfactions and ways to solve them. Through reverse logistics, the relationships with the customers could be improved with more feedback.



By: Zlatka Hristova, Flors Fumàs, Berta Ambròs and Èlia Esmandia.


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