Cloud computing

Regarding what we were talking yesterday in class, Cloud is becoming more used and important nowadays. Cloud computing means more than saving costs. Cloud offers an opportunity for innovation for all entire industries. The easiest example could be Apple’s Siri in which you can ask questions to your telephone like who is your mum and her telephone number, or even where is the nearest petrol station.
Companies are beginning to understand the importance of cloud in business innovation. This is because having more data of the customer can help you to earn more money.
But let’s talk now about an specific example, Netflix. Netflix, is an international provider on demand Internet streaming media. Is becoming more popular, because everyday they are adding new films or series and that’s why they’re expanding to all over the world.

They are taking advantage of cloud resources as it meets up and down demand for its Internet subscription service for movies and TV shows. Their streaming media and the rise of demand, causes some peak times in which their website was collapsed. This fact generated much dissatisfaction of subscribers, who were reconsidering of leaving Netflix. The CEO and the logistic department though that they had tom migrate from the traditional data centre to a cloud environment in which customer wasn’t limited of these peaks in demand. This change, was crucial for them because it lets them to increase their market and of course, their profits.

In conclusion, we can say that Cloud is really important for online businesses. However, in the future maybe a lot of interesting ideas can emerge with Cloud.
Have you a breakthrough idea of how to use Cloud in a company?

By: Marta Muela
Referenced by: Forbes


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