Robots in Amazon’s warehouse

Have you seen the new robots in Amazon’s warehouse? They are amazing! It’s far from what we have seen in class about battery-powered trucks and other handling systems. This kind of robots are absolutely automatic and don’t need a person driving them. They can carry an entire shelf and transport it to the personal of the warehouse to deliver the certain product. By using them, AMAZON was able to raise its productivity and save time preparing the orders, among others.

Listening to this videos you can recognize several concepts covered in the class such as efficiency, fast…

Here I put the several links I found interesting. Are short videos showing the robots, the system used in the warehouse and a (mini) interview.

  1. How Amazon receives your inventory (if you want an overall view)
  1. Short interview. Amazon Senior Vice President Worldwide Operations Dave Clark discusses the company’s army of KIVA robots that help box and ship products.
  1. Introduction to KIVA robots
  1. How robots work (no voice, only images)

By: Judit Cabrera


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