How algorithms run Amazon’s warehouses?

This article explains how they work in Amazon´s warehouse, how they distribute the products and the efficient system based on robotics. Moreover, they mention other robotic systems and finally, they emphasize the importance of the humans’ performance in their warehouses. In addition, there are interesting pictures of the warehouse, it distribution and some tools like the scan.

One thing I would like to point out is that distribution of the warehouse is chaotic. The products are distributed by random and not by category because every item is localized by a HDMI cable (a sensor). Also, the workers are guided and monitored by software and scanners can instruct the pickers where to go and reportedly count down in seconds how long it should take. As I said, they recognised that the presence of humans in warehouses is fundamental because they lift items off the shelves at the centre, they are responsible for packing products in boxes and, of course, they are responsible of delivering. In addition, they only sell the products which they have in the warehouse or they are going to have the next day to avoid costumers’ complaints.

Definitely, Amazon has an efficient distribution of the warehouses and achieves the satisfaction of the costumers delivering the right product, in the right conditions at the right time.

By: Anabel Ramos

Source: BBC


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