Four things Wal-Mart wants to do with drones

Are customers ready for receiving their orders with a drone?  Yes! This is what Wal-Mart logistics team is thinking about; the company has been testing indoors drones, but it is now seeking to move outdoors with the objective of dropping packages to customers in an efficient way, and by this, consumers would be better served.

As we have seen in class, new technologies are likely to implement in the business world, not only because it would give a comparative advantage to the company but because it minimizes costs, so it is a form of saving time and money, making the logistics’ process smoother.

Another advantage that the company would be enjoying is to gather aerial data, which would be very interesting and useful for business analytics because it will manage better operations and its distribution centers. Additionally, it would give a global vision about the sector and especially information about competitors.

Even though it is true that customers are willing to get their package the soonest possible, some of them may think drones are not safe, especially when the drone is carrying expensive purchases.

By: Divya Shewani

Source: Express News


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