Augmented reality in warehouses

As we started to talk about warehouses, and especially about the technology used in warehouses in order to increase their efficiency, I wanted to share some content with you which basically elaborates on the applications of Augmented Reality in warehousing Operations.

Though Google Glass didn’t really suceed in the public market yet, logistic companies have identified the potential of Augmented Reality gadgets like Smart Glasses for their warehousing  Operations.
DHL, having an excellent Development Departement is one of the leading companies in this area, and already published different research articles on the topic.

For a short overview of the potential application of Smart glasses in warehouses, check out his video:

For some deeper information on the general application of Augmented Reality in Logistics, I recommend to have a look on this report published by DHL last year:

DHL Augmented Reality

By: Nicolas Eberhardt


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