Amazon Dash Replenishment Service

“Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) enables connected devices to order physical goods from Amazon when supplies are running low”

That is the new concept launched by Amazon this spring. After starting their AmazonFresh service (grocery delivery online), Amazon is now pushing the consumer service even further: they are now working in collaboration with famous brand (such as Whirlpool, Samsung, Brother, Brita…) to develop home products that would integrate the Dash Replenishment Service to measure when the consumer has to reorder the supplies (coffee, filters, laundry supplies…). For example if you take a printer, the machine will automatically detect when you should reorder ink and will place an order for you through Amazon (“without having to manage addresses, payment instruments or billing systems” for the producer company as it is said on Amazon).

As the article of tells us, this new simple technology (only 10 lines of code to put in the devices) will permit the producers a big improvement in their Just-in-Time (JiT) inventory management collecting all the consumers’ device information and enjoying Amazon logistics.

Extending this new accessible process to not only home product but for any replenishment problem of any company could be one major progress in general inventory management.

Since April, Amazon has launched the Dash button (which is the physical option of the DRS, you have to actually push the button to order), you will find the concept of it in this ad made by Amazon.

Now the question is, will the consumer let their devices (and by that the company) intrude their home life collecting information?

By: Flora Le Gal

Source : Amazon

Inbound Logistics



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