What Amazon gets right

In today’s busy world, many consumers order online and want their products to arrive at their doorstep as soon as possible. Amazon is a great example of how a company is streamlining their logistics process to make it take as humanly, or should I say robotically, little time as possible.

In an effort to make their warehouse more efficient, they have employed the use of futuristic-looking robots that work with the human workers to get the products off of the warehouse shelves and into the hands of the consumer. If you’re interested, here is a link to a segment done by CBS on what goes on inside of Amazon’s fulfillment centers: 

In article on Inc.com, Jill Kransy, explains ways that small businesses can mimic Amazon’s logistics strategies and create higher efficiency in their own warehouses. The article states that companies should invest in automation, start by thinking small, make their technology portable, and always keep operations simple. This article is relevant to the concepts we discuss in class, and the article provides insight on how smaller business can learn from larger ones. I think the content is intriguing and provides real-world insight on how businesses are continuously looking to improve their logistics processes.

By: Reagan Howard
Reference: Inc.


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