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Due to the fact that this week we have been talking about logistics in transportation modes, and this Wednesday, October 28th, FedEx Express,has been officially recognised as the busiest cargo airline in the world, I thought it could be interesting to post an article related to FedEx from the NewYork Times.

Related to FedEx Express:
FedEx Express is a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. and in the latest figures in the IATA’s World Airt Transportation Statistics Report it is revealed that it claimed the top spot in 2014 by transporting over 7.1 million tonnes in total. Within the top 50 air cargo carriers, 2.9 million tonnes separate FedEx Express from its closest rival.
The article is about FedEx in general, and it is interesting to see how they predict that the volume of shipments will increase from Black Friday to Christmas, and how they adapt their logistics system to it:
– By hiring new seasonal employees
– By investing in automation and expansion
On Monday November 30th, it expects to handle at least 20 million packages!

By: Mireia Sanchez
Reference: NY Times


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