Just in time management SEAT

Can cars be manufactured in only 24h? The answer is YES. The Just in Time process allows car manufacturers to answer faster to changes in demand and increase service level. How does JIT work? It is necessary a good relationship between manufacturer and supplier. Suppliers have to commit to deliver the required amount of pieces with the required quality in the place and time established. This coordination needs to implement a common information system in order to make faster the process.

The implementation of JIT system has implied many advantages for Seat: cost reduction (mainly in inventory holding and carrying), avoiding accumulation of stocks and being more responsible to market demands and increase service level and personalize cars.

JIT was first implemented by Toyota, but this process innovation is being copied in other car manufacturer companies and even in other industries.

The article is in Catalan!

Link: SEAT Just in time management

By: Navin Dodani


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