India: Last Mile boys

They are the final chain of the fast growing e-commerce business in India.  They deliver everything, from books to furniture and even vegetables straight on the doorstep on your house.

But it has been recently that over 400 online delivery and sorting staff went on a strike in Mumbai. Demanding regular offs uniforms, bike maintenance, laundry allowance and toilets.

There are around 15 companies in this area, each having 40-60 delivery staff. Most of these delivery boys earn around 10.000 and 15.000 rupees a month (138 to 208 euros) with one day off a week. These third-party logistics companies carry out the last mile delivery service for online commerce giants.

Usually you have two trips in day, first with around 50 deliveries and the second one around 20-30.

An interesting story about a 24 years old last mile boy’s common day delivering online purchases among the busy streets of Mumbai.


By: Aurelija Gudauskaite


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