Good logistics, large markets


It began with a collaboration, a working partnership in 2008 between the two companies led to a growth of product volumes, increased customer base, etc. Ultimately a larger market with better network and thanks to logistics. Due to the good logistics, Dachser Ltd has expanded its network and service to create a direct connection with San Sebastian and be able to provide a faster and more efficient way to the Iberian peninsula.

We think the logistics can progress and grow as a company as efficiently and effectively makes it possible to expand networks, areas or markets.

In fact, the company Dachser offers a special service to customers. In addition, one of its slogans is “Intelligent Logistics”, and follow a path of steady progress in expanding logistics always improving their networks.

One thing that makes possible the fast service of the company, is that between Plymouth (south of UK) and San Sebastian (north of Spain) there is a direct distance of 802.55 km. And the transport by road could be done in less than 24 hours, this could speed up the service and satisfy the customer.

In conclusion, Dachser Ltd has found a faster distribution channel connecting the UK with San Sebastian and then, connecting the peninsula to provide high quality service and provide reliable logistics, since the objective is to satisfy the customer.

By:  Xavier Bruch, Mateu Caldentey, Jordi Pla
Reference: Logistics Business


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