Cutting costs while delighting customers

In light of our last subject of transportation I wanted to find an interesting article that included some useful information when it comes to transporting.

In this article there are 10 ways presented how shippers can reduce cost while creating more customer value. I think its a continuos battle and search for shippers to reduce costs while still improving their customer satisfaction.

What I thought was very interesting to see is how much emphasis is put on using systems and analysis in order to achieve success. There are certainly some tips that don’t include “systematic solutions”, like finding a partner in order to be able to focus on your core competencies. Another “non systematic” one is to partner with a freight bill audit and payment provider in order to migrate hidden costs of freight invoice errors.

However most of the other tips did include applying the right systems and using different schemes. In the 10 ways presented, the author includes using transportation models, warehouse management systems, transportation management systems (TMS), interactive mobile analytics, network modeling software and other analytics tools.
I think the article really states the importance of choosing the right systems and tools in order to achieve lowering costs while improving customer value. Even though these systems can be expensive, the cost of not using them will end up being higher than paying that cost and applying the right systems in each part of the transportation process.


By: Sunneva Sverrisdótti




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