Critics Worry That New York LaGuardia Airport Renovations May Not Be Enough

As we’ve seen in business logistics the transportation is the key to link raw materials with production, and the final product with clients. We’ve studied the main different ways of transportation, and in this article we will focus on air transportation. The article proves that the air transportation has disadvantages like the air traffic delays, and its infrastructure problems and crowded airports, which don’t generate facilities to transport. It explains the bad popularity of the New York Airport for their many traffic delays and its deterioration. They are considering to overhaul the airport in order to improve the infrastructure and communication of the airport, but the article also says that these changes may not be enough to stem the congestion that plagues the airport.
To conclude, the air transportation it’s really important to commercialize products with high value-low volume, but the importance of the delays, the lack of development of infrastructures to facilitate transportation, and its high cost are some factors that we have to consider when we choose the way of transportation.

By: Albert Monné and Maria Tost
Reference: Forbes


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