Consumers Demand More Visibility Into The Supply Chain

Day by day, all the logistics sistems are more complex and well tought to supply all de global demand, trying not to get out of stock. Online purchases are increasing a lot by the last years, so that has helped many brands to diversify their sells, by having many point to sell and deliver at home, too. One thing that is happening nowadays, is that people start to ask how big companies perform to be so fast to deal with large demands of products, and many of them, increasingly more personalized.

Many people now wants to know a lot of information and data from their purchases, and how the brands manage to deliver it immediatelly or in a few days, goods that perhaps comes from the other side of the ocean.

If the brands make the effort to be transparent in this aspect, and have a good logistic sysitem, that its clients can see it, would be really good for many reasons. For example, if there is someone who is expecting to recieve a trousers from an online purchase, in three or 5 days; if the company allows the client to see in which point of the whole transportation proces is, the client will value a lot. In adittion, it will create a better relation between clients and manufacures, increasing the trust and reliaility on it.

By: Berta Ambros
Reference: Forbes


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