Logistics companies are demanding a plan similar to PIVE to renew the machinery of the sector

The president of the Spanish organization of enterprises for logistics and transportation is demanding a similar plan to PIVE (Government subsidies to replace old vehicles for new efficient ones) that will help to renew all the old machinery and replacing it into new and modern technologies.With this plan, they will achieve greater efficiency in the service, less accidents will happen on the workplace and higher quality in the work of their workers.
This is highly important because logistics are a key factor for the distribution of consume and pharmacy products to the consumers as today we can found more references of the same product and every customer asks for a different one.
Is for that reason, that they have to find a good strategy that combines logistics and transportation, in order to satisfy the customers in terms of time and place as well as providing them the best service.They are working to propose to the Ministry of Industry the possibility of introducing this plan for the modernization in the logistics sector. This improvement will enable Spain to be a good coordinator between Europe, North of Africa and Latin America.
By: Nil Puigmacia.

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