One olive less

We all know that one of the main objective of logistics is to minimize costs, of course every company want that because it means that you achieve higher profits but it is not an easy thing because you need to consider a lot of factors like quality, life-cycle…

I want to share with you the first time I heard about logistics, that was when I was on High School and our business teacher spoke us about an Airline that had saved $40.000 – $100.000 only removing an olive from every inflight salad. That case really impacted me because I was surprised about how eliminating something that seems insignificant (like an olive) can increase the profit of a company in that way. Consequently I started to be curious about that and I searched on internet similar cases. I remembered that he told us that this achievement was thanks of logistics, and for that reason I decided to know more about logistics and that is one of the reasons that now I am learning logistics.

For those that are as curious as me I find some examples of Cost-Cuts, that in my opinion are at least surprising: The Richest

By: Andrea da Silva


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