Alejandro Serrano

Today, Monday 26th October, we had in class Alejandro Serrano to give us a talk. Alejandro Serrano is a Professor of Supply Chain Management at MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program, and Research Affiliate at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. He also teaches regularly at masters and executive programs both in Europe and Latin America.

I would like you to visit his personal blog (link below) where he puts some examples of logistics applied in everyday situations. I’m going to comment a little of his last post called “How to improve officers productivity by more than 20% at the Mexican border (at no cost)”. In this brief post, he talks about his experience at the airport in Mexico City, where he had to wait 45 minutes in line “doing nothing” and he took the opportunity to think in the possible causes and solution of this problem.

Firstly he analyzed the reason for the excessive waiting time. Saw they had 20 desks in total but very few officers attending for many people had waiting. This lead to a “bottleneck”, low system efficiency and the dissatisfaction by customers/passengers (in his post there are pictures showing this).

In spite of there were enough officers to cover the average passengers, they didn’t take into account the variation of the demand. I mean, if we make the calculus, we can obtain the optimal number of officers that have to be working in each day (even per hour), but the demand is not linear, it fluctuate depending on the volume of passengers. There are times when there is fewer people waiting (and need less staff in desks) and others, such as the arrival of international flights, it takes many more.

In his blog is the solution he proposes in order to increase worker efficiency up to 20% without increasing costs. Read it!

Biography of Alejandro Serrano:
Zaragoza Logistics Center
MIT Global Scale Network

By: Judit Cabrera
Reference: Blog de Alejandro Serrano




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