A step further on eCommerce: Omni-channel retailing

Nowadays, companies are heavily competing to achieve a customer service that could proportionate a competitive advantage upon other firms. As we all now, only few online retailers are absorbing the majority of the digital costumer’s demand, and this is putting off some companies to even try to compete with them.

A chance to these firms is to be the firsts to implement a new concept that most experts define as an evolution inside eCommerce: Omni-channel retailing.

We could easily define Omni-channel as crossing the different channels from which we connect to the client so that they work as one, linking the information from the costumer that orders via internet to the one that orders on the physical shop.

To exemplify the benefits and the improvement in the customer service that the implementation of this new system could provide, we can imagine ourselves comparing and looking for some product online. As are we navigating in between webs there is a huge amount of useful information about us and our interests that may or may not being saved, then, when we will go to the physical shop, there is no option to us to take profit of all this information to help us find the perfect item that suits our preferences.

The objective is to proportionate the best shopping experience possible so that the client’s operations in the shop’s app, the e-mail, the TV, the physical shop and any other channel could be connected and use that information to create a global information system.

We could go even a step further, and imagine the possibilities if each customer’s information could be extrapolated to other companies, so that our experience could be useful in other brands, and therefore, transform and optimise the whole costumer service.

By: Adrià Torreño Aguilar

Reference: Supply Chain Digital



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