Blood supply chain and the importance of logistics

Nowadays a good Supply Chain Management could be a very successful and determinant factor for any company. The correct management of the resources, goods and activities from the suppliers to the final customer could have an effect on the profitability of the company but also on other aspects such as stakeholder’s relationship or corporative image.

But if Supply Chain Management is highly important in one particular sector, this sector would be the blood Supply Chain. The blood logistics treatment is extremely important because it is a perishable good and it is vital for many hospital patients. A good synchronization of all processes helps to reduce bottlenecks, waiting times, improve the inventory management and the resources efficiency. On the other hand it permits an increasing service quality for the customer and therefore their quality of life.

Therefore, this case is a good example in many ways from different areas of logistics: the collection, storage, inventory management, procurement management, transport, distribution… Despite all of this, there are still many aspects to improve in the future such as increasing demand in the long term, process agility and more.

By: Xavier Bruch, Jordi Pla and Mateu Caldentey



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