“Widoit”, a revolution in the world of transport and logistics

Widoit.com is a Spanish company created in 2012 that revolutionized the concept of transport and logistics, offering an innovative service through Internet.

Widoit.com is a website that puts in touch companies that need to transport their goods with companies who have vehicles to do so, by road, throughout Europe. The two parts can contact directly through the website saving time and money, with no intermediaries between them.

The company allows doing the management of the whole process of transport online: research, negotiation, contracting, shipping and receiving the documentation, monitoring the loads, management of incidents and evaluation of users.

On the one hand, they have companies that publish on their website their goods and seek for trucks to transport them. On the other hand, there are transport companies that publish their trucks and seek for loads. They have a powerful search engine that combines the immediate needs of both parts involved; provide them a direct contact and the possibility of negotiating a price by themselves.

All kind of goods can be published on the website, from dry product to refrigerated, frozen, on pallets, liquids and so on.

We think that this company is a good example of great business logistics, because helps the companies to contact each other easily, saving costs and time.  It has benefits for both parts, as the company that needs to transport its goods can find a truck to do so, and the carriers can easily find customers. The price is set and negotiated by them, so the fact there aren’t intermediaries make it less difficult and on this way they obtain net revenues.

In conclusion, widoit.com is an innovative method to manage logistics and in times of the financial crisis has become a way to avoid layoffs or the accumulation of stocks.

By: Zlatka Hristova, Èlia Esmandia, Berta Ambròs and Flors Fumàs

Reference: Official Company’s page


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