Supermarkets must adapt to changing consumer habits

Nowadays, consumption habits are changing and consumers are becoming increasingly demanding, so that companies have to think about new strategies to adapt to the new consumer profile.

Supermarkets in this sense have to face a new era in which single a weekly shop is already becoming a thing of the past for many shoppers and this is quite a challenge for superstores as they are designed around a big weekly shop. It seems that customers are waiting for ideas that make them not to have to spend so much time going around the store just to find basic products as milk, for example.

Once this goal is achieved, supermarkets can dedicate space to other shopping experiences like demonstrations or food sampling events, which are also important strategies to attract consumers.

Statistics clearly reflect the necessity of a new model of supermarkets as more than one third of people want to shop more frequently and approximately half of them want to spend less time going around the store just to acquire basic products.

By: Lourdes León Fernández-Yáñe

Reference: S. Butler, 6 October 2015, The Guardian


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