Modern Distribution Centers

Companies might only focus on their products and clients, on how to sell more and maximize profit. One way they can start up is by cutting up expenses by building efficient distribution centers.

Having efficient, well equipped, and modern distribution centers will save companies lots of money, simplify logistics and make product deliveries faster.

Companies need to consider lots of things apart from the location when building a distribution center. They need to focus on things that might seem irrelevant but could save lots of money, and time for the company. Some of those things are:

1) Lighting: Having LED lighting can save up energy.

2) Racking strategies: inventory placement can make faster and easier to find products.

3) Dock equipment: Having new and upgraded equipment will eventually be profitable.

4) Ceiling height: not a lot of companies consider the optimal ceiling height in order to maximize space without complicating product accessibility.

5) New technology: having upgraded software can make logistics easier and more ordered.

By: Manuel Jimenez

Reference: C. Fiveash, September 2015, Inbound Logistics


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